Beijing 16 year old high school girls in school classrooms were killed families


The Beijing times, November 9, on May 20 this year, New Oriental language school in Changping Yao Shu high school girls (not his real name) was found dead in the classroom, the suspect next door male classmate Wang Heng at class level (not his real name). After the incident, Wang Heng was arrested for murder and theft was arrested. At present, the case has been returned to the public security organ for supplementary investigation by the prosecution. School graduates returned to Hubei business manufacture

Beijing 16 year old high school girls in school classrooms were killed, families were killed before being sexually assaulted

Murdered girl living pictures.

16 year old girls death school

According to Yao Shu mother Lee MS, May 20, her home in Dongying, Shandong, and suddenly got a call from daughter’s school teacher, said the evening of 19th, Yao Shu went out with same grade boy Wang Heng has yet to return.

“Daughter is as good as gold, will not leave school without permission. “Hang up the phone, she immediately call the daughter cell phone, but the phone shut down. Feeling, or an accident, Lee drove overnight from his home to Beijing.

20th at noon, arrived at the school she was told 16 Yao Shu has died. “Since early this morning after receiving the school teacher phone, I repeatedly asked school teachers call the police, but were rejected. “Ms Lee said.

It is understood that Yao Shu at the age of 8, she and her husband divorced after raising Yao Shu alone so far. Yao Shu is not only cheerful, good grades, and also serves as the class leaders and College Student Council officers. In addition, Yao Shu is on the school volleyball team and members of the karate Club.

“Yao Shu was a good student. “Yao Shu headteacher told reporters.

Boys call themselves “manslaughter”

May 20, at 6 o’clock in the morning, inside a classroom in school 6, Yao Shu was found, but is dead. According to insider introduces, Yao Shu’s head is obscured by school uniforms, hips large bloodstains. In addition, 7 o’clock in the morning on the day, grade class next door male with Yao Shu Wang Heng on the road was taken to hospital by his mother, his mother’s cell phone alarm, saying their negligence to kill Yao Shu.

It is understood that Yao Shu and Wang Heng are the grade one students. In 2016, new year’s Party, served as host of the TV show Yao Shu attracted the attention of Wang Heng. After the party, Wang Heng to students to leave Yao Shu’s app, and add as friend. Zhihou, who regularly chats, the next month, Wang Heng expressed his love to Yao Shu, but the latter refused on grounds of learning.

Familiar with both student, Yao Shu declined to Wang Heng, but the two still chat.

According to insiders, Wang Heng that neither was a girl friend, meanwhile, also because of trifles, quarrelled several times. The night of the crime, because of previous conflicts, two people went to the usual no one teaching a 6-storey classroom chats.

But, Li said, the two are not male and female friends, and prior to the incident, Yao Shu told her, Wang Heng entangled her, “said my daughter hates him”.

Lee recalls a detail in April this year, Yao Shu told her Wang Heng to rumors she robbed students on campus boyfriend, felt discredited her quarrel with Wang Heng in the classroom, which also smashed Wang Heng’s face with his mobile phone.

Reporters Yao Shu and Wang Heng Yao Shu on issues such as the relationship between the two class confirmation, the head teacher said they did not know, journalists found the school to verify. Subsequently, the repeated calls from the school officials have not received a reply.

Beijing 16 year old high school girls in school classrooms were killed, families were killed before being sexually assaulted

New Oriental language school in Changping District, where the crime was committed.

After the murder attempt to cut his wrists

Ms Lee said, before 8:48 the night of the murder, Yao Shu has also been chatting with on her in the letter, but after 9 o’clock in the evening, my daughter is not able to return.

Some students said, 10:30 P.M., teacher school dormitory during a routine check found Yao Shu, Wang Heng did not go back to dormitories, after looking for two people, but to no avail, called and no one answered. Half an hour later, Wang Heng to send a message back to the teacher on duty, said he told Yao Shu, both phones are running out of electricity, allow teachers to be assured. Then contacts the teacher Wang Heng, could not reach the phone, shut down Yao Shu.

According to insider introduces, Wang Heng claimed to the night of the crime, in the case of Yao Shu offered, sex he and Yao Shu, Yao Shu after turning back, said they would tell a teacher, fear of being reported, he Yao Shulei died with his hands. After he Yao Shu to the middle class, and took away their mobile phones over the wall to escape. Monitoring data show that 10:02 P.M. 19th, Wang Heng did go over the wall.

It is reported that after Wang Heng escaped, took a taxi to the city rooms at a hotel, then tried to cut his wrists in a hotel bathtub. Suicides fail, the morning of May 20, Wang Heng will inform suspected of killing their mother.

After the incident, Wang Heng was taken away by police.

Mother doubts her daughter rape

On May 20, on suspicion of manslaughter, Wang Heng in police detention, approved by prosecutors, was arrested on June 25. Police believe killed after Yao Shu, Wang Heng will take Yao Shu iPhone 6s, suspected of murder and theft.

On September 22, the case was handed over to the first branch of the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate. Meanwhile, compensation to Yao Shu family.

According to the autopsy report shows that Yao Shu body lesions located in the neck, was identified as neck choke pressure mechanical asphyxia caused by the death of others.

Ms Lee said, when forensic institutions met Yao Shu, swelling of the mouth and the right side of her face, nose bleeding, head wounds, neck scars, having bruises. “I suspect Wang Heng at the time the crime was committed using violence. ”

In addition, she did not recognize Wang Heng said his daughter volunteered to have sex, my daughter was raped. “They used to have conflicts, how will take the initiative to have sex, if voluntary, what did he want to kill her? In addition, the autopsy report to show my daughter fresh torn hymen, she has been very good and very pure, impossible to freeze. ”

Autopsy results, Lee presented supplementary application to the Prosecutor’s Office, an application for victim’s time of death, whether by new drugs and temporal existence of fractures, head injury causes, hip pants a lot of blood formation, supplementary identification such as exposure to other objects in the neck. Meanwhile, Lee also an investigative organ supplementary submission on May 20 this year, an accreditation body on the victim’s body was the written report.

“I just want to thoroughly investigate the death of daughter the truth. “Ms Lee said.

Recently, the first branch of the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate returned the case to the public security organ for supplementary investigation.

(Formerly entitled school classroom was killed 16 years old high school girls ‘)


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